The agritourism “C’era una volta” ("Once upon a time") is located in an authentic farm stone house recently renovated and realised thanks to the love and patience of Sara, with a spacious place designed for welcoming guests and specially adapted for total relaxation immersed into nature.

The age of the construction is hard to determine: it is a building enlarged and magnified over time, according to the tradition of Occidental Liguria, between sea and mountains, constituted initially only of a small room and a stable, with successive addition of other parts to the initial core, in order to be able to host the whole family on the farm. The result, a tiered building on three floors, with evidence in stonework of transformation over centuries and also of the earthquake of 1887. The building was acquired in 2010 and huge structural consolidation work were necessary. This renovation was long and laborious. It was achieved in 2013.

The result: it is not a modern luxurious villa, but a nice cottage like Once upon a time, taken in its original aspect, completely in exposed stone, furnished with ‘poor’ materials, but with modern installations (electricity originates from photovoltaic panels) in order to meet the needs of hospitality. In the surroundings, you will find a wonderful olive yard of the variety ‘taggiasca‘, hundreds of plants, most of them 100 years old, restructured by Sara and brought back into production after years of neglect. This olive yard is the treasure of the exploitation in organic farming created in 2010. There are also the garden and the orchard, also in organic farming, and that find their place in between.




Italian breakfast
Game area for children
Wi-fi area
Garden and Solarium